Classroom technologies

One of the recommendations of MMU’s 2010 Learning Technology Review was to present costed proposals for providing a threshold standard for classroom technology in all teaching rooms. ICT Strategy Group #1 approved recommendations for a simple baseline presence of WiFi and a display facility (projector or large monitor) to which a staff member’s laptop could be connected easily, and #2 invited further consideration of standard kit that staff should find easy to use, consistent and pervasive across the University.

LRIS have adopted the approach of producing a set of common (threshold) standards for classroom technology by type of room:

  • Lecture theatres – Large (200+), Medium (100+) or Small (<100)
  • Seminar Rooms – Large (60+), Medium (30+) and Small (<30)
  • Meeting Rooms (<10 occ.)
  • IT Labs
  • Learning spaces
    • Social Zone
    • Study Zone
    • Group Zone
    • IT Zone
    • Touchdown Zone
    • Silent Zone

These standards cover not just teaching technology but provide guidance on power and networking provision for estate planning. The standards have been produced by staff from ICT Services and Learning and Research Technology working with CeLT and taking input from academic staff. This blog has been established to support discussion about how these standard classroom technologies can be used effectively to support learning and teaching.

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